Description of the image
Birdsandpeople is a music box with alternative ideas of interaction with the true things. The guitar (which is the main one here) goes through heartbreaking transformations to find a new starting point. This goes on until an unexpected Change occurs: then the old hutsul on the top of Pip Ivan blows into his trembita and all the ships stay in the ports, not wanting to cut the perfectly calm sea. On such days, sounds, like brave tadpoles, fly forward to the eternal transcendental magnet and gather there in psychedelic stories.

The first of recorded ones was "mind games": a symbiosis of chronic six-string disease and bells. There was also an old analog synthesizer with a speaker at the bottom and a drymba. Just then the music of birdsandpeople found its mask. You couldn't do anything without masks in 2020, so at first I was wearing that mask when went to the supermarket to buy some wine and over time somehow got used to it. I still hardly ever take it off.

Despite the pandemic, "mind games" was still the music of a relatively peaceful time. Instead, "syndrome" came from the front-line area and has nothing but experiments with electric guitar, rhythm and this strange state. It is a completely Ukrainian-language work.

Birdsandpeople is a full-fledged and independent DIY project, the goal of which is to fill sound with a different sense. The sense is, like a devil, in details. Therefore meaningful music should be listened to carefully. Although, regarding the sense - it is not accurate. What can be said for sure is that birds and people are one.