mind games EP

mind games


Debut album by birdsandpeople. 7 tracks about the inner struggle and the search for peace somewhere out there - in the immense obscurity. An experimental release rooted in psychedelic music. Mind Games mostly consists of instrumental tracks, but trip-house and little fiery people contain Ukrainian lyrics. In addition to the guitar in the arrangements, I used a Hutsul drymba, an old EKO analog synthesizer, other sampled synths, hammers, and, of course, bass and drums. Recordings were made in the ...read more

Nothing (live-looping session)

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Birdsandpeople is a music box with alternative ideas of interaction with the true things. The guitar (which is the main one here) goes through heartbreaking transformations to find a new starting point. This goes on until an unexpected Change occurs: then the old hutsul on the top of Pip Ivan blows into his trembita and all the ships stay in the ports, not wanting to cut the perfectly calm sea. On such days, sounds, like brave tadpoles, fly forward to the eternal transcendental magnet and gather there in psychedelic stories.read more...