nothing EP




A fresh dose of ordinary guitar madness. Mostly instrumental psychedelic music, where each track lives on its own, despite all of them it is part of the same story. Each composition talks - it often b...
syndrome EP




For some time near the frontline, in order to stabilize a little, I transformed my thoughts into a kind of musical lyrics. This was in the period from August 2022 to January 2023. Later, I lost this p...
mind games EP

mind games



Debut album by birdsandpeople. 7 tracks about the inner struggle and the search for peace somewhere out there - in the immense obscurity. An experimental release rooted in psychedelic music. Mind Game...


Freedom in UA SINGLE

Freedom in UA



This is not a track or a song - it is the state of a Ukrainian in the first week of russia's treacherous invasion of Ukraine. In the first week of the war, which will take thousands and thousands of l...