EP, 2024

A fresh dose of ordinary guitar madness. Mostly instrumental psychedelic music, where each track lives on its own, despite all of them it is part of the same story. Each composition talks - it often bursts into a scream, or whispers in your ear. The title track nothing speaks with a voice and in Ukrainian, meanwhile the guitar there uses complex figures of speech mixed with brutal swearing.

Arrangement in the style of birdsandpeople - everything except drums and bass guitar (in places ) here the guitar from different angles. This time the sound includes maybe a bit more post-rock vibes. The release consists of finished drafts from late 2021 - early 2022. I was working on the track keep the morning yours at the moment when the war started in Kyiv. I did not hear the first explosions and the first siren, because at that moment I was working using headphones. Interestingly, the track already had its name at that time. In any case, I am glad that I had the opportunity to finish these drafts 2 years later.

this lovely alcoholism: One day, while I was waiting for the tram, a regular customer approached the cheapest bar in the quarter, near the stop. He was wearing something like a fur coat and over his shoulder was a (stolen or found) hipster bag with a large inscription: "Intuition led you here".

annihilation (solaris): The process of Harey's annihilation is not described in "Solaris" by Lem. So it is a place to use imagination.

the wheel of WTF: a slightly but not too post-rock theme. This track contains voice as well. The voice of robot Emily. She speaks and, despite her artificiality, the voice is quite pleasant. The guitar is mostly cries here.

I hope you find something close in all these sounds. Don't forget to share Nothing on social media if you like the music)


Track List:

  • 1. the wheel of WTF - 3:21
  • 2. this lovely alcoholism - 2:48
  • 3. annihilation (solaris) - 4:59
  • 4. nothing - 6:07
  • 5. keep the morning yours (part I) - 3:00
  • 6. keep the morning yours (part II) - 2:34